Overload of optimism?

Monday, October 1, 2012

I had a great first day at my new (and first full time relevant) job and I am really looking forward to dive into all the different tasks and challenges that awaits. While walking home I got many ideas and my ambitions elevated into unknown heights. Why aim low if you don't have any idea about how far you can reach? I was so full of optimism and enthusiasm that I even made a great meal without so much as a sigh. Normally cooking is a loathed thing for me to do, but not today. Today anything was possible. My sighs were turned into moans of pleasure.

So this is what I did. I boiled up a bit of water. Filled it chopped up pieces of these voluptuous things:

The ingredient pictures are all stolen from somewhere on the www. Sue me!

And out of it came this: 

VoilĂ ! A microscopic step for mankind (if any step at all?), but an immense step for me...
(Yeah, I know, I got issues)


  1. LIKE! (btw. the blog design is in making, I'll mail it to you as soon as it's finished :)

  2. You cooked?! That's amazing! Keep it up! ;)